Suggesting Digital Media budget to clients is a crucial task for any Digital Marketer. Our digital media team has created an exclusive model to help you prepare the digital media budget keeping below pointers in mind. These points will help you decide how much should be your budget for your B2B and B2C clients.

Let’s suppose we keep an estimated $3,200 budget for B2B (Business to Business Model) clients and $9,600 budget for B2C (Business to Customer Model) clients, then the breakup of the total budget would be as follows:

1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization ($1,120 per month for B2B and $3,360 per month for B2C)

No doubt SEO is a long term process, but if you want to make a solid presence in the market, then you have to start by making a thorough plan of action for 6 months at least. Following the plan with perseverance can get good number of organic traffic on a regular basis.  

2. PPC – Pay Per Click ($1,120 per month for B2B and $3,360 per month for B2C)

Suppose your marketing plan time frame is 3 months or less than this, then Pay Per Click Marketing is one of the effective ways to drive immediate traffic to your website. Within 20 minutes of setting up a campaign you will start getting a good number of visitors on your website. And these visitors will be those who are interested in your products or services. For this you can utilize Google PPC Program or Bing PPC Program, etc. And you can divide the budget according to the performing campaign.

3. Social Media ($480 per month for B2B and $1,440 per month for B2C)

 As we know now-a-day’s social media has become one of the biggest market platforms to get traffic and for building trust. These days most of the social media platforms provide both free and paid ways to get traffic. We need to find out the right platform and the skills to utilize them at the lowest prices.  No doubt it is going to take time, but if you have the right approach and the right resources, then it is going to give you good amount of traffic and sales with time.

4. Email marketing ($160 per month for B2B and $480 per month for B2C)

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate sales from your potential customers and existing customers. For this you have to invest at least 6 months to build your own list and also try to buy a good list from the right resource to get extra sales.

5. Mobile marketing ($160 per month for B2B and $480 per month for B2C)

Mobile marketing encompasses all online marketing tactics that can be formatted for a mobile device. This includes PPC, Email and Social Media. A 6 month or longer time frame is required to effectively incorporate mobile marketing tactics into an existing online marketing plan.

5. Content marketing ($160 per month for B2B and $480 per month for B2C)

We all know that content is the king and it is not just from the perspective of search engine, but also for the user. So a budget for content development should be allocated to ensure fresh, unique and intelligent content is created regularly. This also keeps your marketing department happy as they are timely supplied with content they can use for campaigns, etc.

Hope these tips help you plan the media budget smartly and effectively.


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