Effect of inactive followers on your Facebook page

Fake/ inactive Likes are likes by those Facebook users who have either liked your page using websites such as like4like.org or some other softwares to get likes on their page without having any  actual liking for your page.  Once they have liked your page, they have no intention of visiting it again or interacting with your page.

Most of these likes are created using accounts created for such purposes only. After liking hundreds of pages, Facebook realizes their true purpose and blocks them. So these accounts are not opened and none of your post goes to these account’s news feeds.

These platforms help you get the numbers, but a large number of such likes infact kill your page and reach because of the way Facebook news feed algorithm works. Once a post is posted on Facebook page, then Facebook sends the post to some of the followers. Depending upon the engagement of these followers (likes, comments & shares). Higher the engagement higher will be the reach to your followers. But if you have a large number of fake/ inactive follower, these followers will not engage with the post, thereby reducing the reach drastically.
This will lead to your posts not reaching most of your genuine followers.

A very good example is the Facebook page of a company providing such fake likes. https://www.facebook.com/IncreaseYourLikesNow , This page has almost half a million followers
But it has only five visits to its page with hardly any likes on its post.

To discourage such frivolous likes Facebook is removing these likes from the page as per the following update in their policy.  (https://www.facebook.com/business/news/page-likes-update )

Therefore, make such likes only if you want to kill your page.

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