Great Facebook Tamasha

More than 60% of Facebook revenue comes from Facebook ads used to promote Facebook page to get page likes and ads to get website clicks (carousal ads). In this article we will explore the uselessness of creating Facebook likes through Facebook ads and why website clicks obtained through  Facebook ads don’t result in goal conversion.

The process of getting Facebook page likes  through Facebook ads is explained in the linked article.

Futility of such page likes

To achieve the objective of maximum  page likes per Rs 100/- spent on such ads, Facebook puts these ads in queue of these persons who like pages as in habit. Such persons like hundreds of pages. Without giving much thought and without appreciating the essence and purpose of the page (just think whether you a really want follower, who likes your page without checking your page in detail and going through your website).

In an experiment conducted by ASP Media, we were able to get page likes for Rs 2.5 per page like for a page which had no posts, no profile or cover picture and no website.

Followers made by this method will get only one or two posts from hundreds of pages they like because of the way Facebook Newsfeed works. Furthermore, these users are hardly likely to engage with your posts (i.e. like, comment or share) because they didn’t like your page as it matched their interests, but because of their habit of liking pages.

If they don’t interact with your post a few times then Facebook stops or reduces the frequency to put your post in their Newsfeed. Thus, your post reach decreases drastically.

Deletion of inactive Page Likers from your page

As per this Facebook page like updated 5th March 2015, Facebook has started removing those page likes which are inactive. In this update Facebook confesses that removing inactive Facebook accounts from Page audience data gives businesses up-to-date insights on the people who actively follow their Page and makes it easier for businesses to find people like their followers through tools like lookalike audiences.

Fate of one such page of a big company

Greenlam Laminates is a very big company which has spent millions of rupees to get more than 4.5 lakhs page likes in five years using Facebook ads. This company posts around two to three posts every day with excellent picture of their articles and some really useful articles, despite having around half a million followers and putting excellent posts, their post reaches hardly few hundred persons and is liked by less than 10 persons. With this kind of reach and engagement on post this important social media platform has become worthless to the company.

Why do digital marketing managers, social media marketing company and Facebook still love this method to make followers

This method of getting page likes is very popular amongst various stakeholders because of following reasons:

  1. This is very easy to set up.
  2. It gives rangebound low cost page likes which are good for everyone to show tangible results.
  3. Social Media Marketing companies get good profit by adding their markup fees and they can also assure clients ROI in terms of page likes irrespective of their products.
  4. Once such a campaign is set up, it continues to make money for all stakeholders except the business owner who gets no goal conversion from such likes.

Whether website clicks obtained through carousal ads lead to goal conversions

Same as page likes, Facebook ads (especially Carousal Ads) to get website clicks are also very popular as a reasonably priced option. However, our experience has been that website clicks obtained through such ads don’t result in goal conversions and are ineffective in increasing sales/ registrations.

Just because these methods are elegant, simple and cost effective doesn’t mean that they are useful as well.


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